Strategic Chaos

Wedged somewhere between strategy and chaos lies Wicked Apples. Players use bluffing, memory and a little luck as they to devour 20+ unique apples, while trying to avoid the Wicked ones. Read your opponents, take calculated risks and hope you choose right for your final bite.



Whatever you do, don't eat the wicked apple. Sounds easy enough, but in this game, sometimes there's a winner and sometimes you all die!

At the start of the game, each player is given 1 wicked apple and 3 other unique apples. Look at your 4 apples, memorize your 4 apples and then place them face down in a line in front for you. It's the last time you'll know for sure exactly what's there.

Now it's time to begin the first round! Each round has two phases and the first phase is peek or pass. Each player will either secretly look at 1 of their apples or give 1 of their apples to another player. Forget what you know about clockwise or counter clockwise; the turn order is set in-game and changes each round! 

Who's ready to eat some apples?! In the second phase, all players pick one of their apples to eat and reveal them simultaneously. Players who eat Wicked Apples are eliminated from the game. All other players perform the unique action of their apple which move and alter the remaining uneaten apples. 

Do you still remember where your Wicked Apple is now? Are you sure?

Once everyone has eaten, a new round begins and play continues until one or all players are eliminated.