Pie Apple


All players reveal one uneaten apple. These apples are shuffled then dealt back to each player uneaten.

Additional Information

Q. What does the Pie apple do if I have no uneaten apples?
A. Players without uneaten apples do not put an apple into the pie or receive an apple from the pie.

Q. How does the Pie Apple affect apples that are Frozen, Flaming or Candy?
A. If a Pie action included a Wooden, Wicked, Frozen, Flaming and Candy you would first reveal the Wooden and Wicked apples, as well as the apples under the Flaming and Candy, to all players like a normal Pie action. Then take the apples that were under the Frozen, Flaming and Candy and place them off to the side face down noting which apple they were under. Place the Frozen, Flaming and Candy Apples face up and the Wooden and Wicked Apples face down in a pile, then shuffle and randomly deal them out. Once this is complete, place the apples that were originally under the Frozen, Flaming and Candy back underneath them.