Confused Apple


Look at all of your uneaten apples then shuffle them and place them face down in front of you.

Additional Information

Q. How does the Confused Apple affect apples that are Frozen, Flaming or Candy?
A. If a Confused action included an uneaten apple as well as a Frozen, Flaming and Candy you would first look at the uneaten apple, as well as the apples under the Flaming and Candy, like a normal Confused action. Then take the apples that were under the Frozen, Flaming and Candy and place them off to the side face down noting which apple they were under. Place the Frozen, Flaming and Candy Apples face up and the uneaten apple face down in a pile, then shuffle and randomly place them in front of you. Once this is complete, place the apples that were originally under the Frozen, Flaming and Candy back underneath them.