Warming Up Mercury

So let's visit Mercury; A game about space, oddly enough. Here's the synopsis: Around the beginning of the new Millennium, humankind achieved their greatest achievement, finding someone else to clean up their mess. Synths were created and a new era of human laziness began. As years passed, rumors began to upload throughout the Synth network of an AI Nirvana beyond the grasp of the humans. Inevitably, a small group of daring Synths steal a human ship and set off in search of happiness, but a Synth Hunter has also been dispatched and is following close behind.

To win, you and your Synthmates must work together to evade the Synth Hunter while searching the sector for the hidden AI nirvana. Happily, the sector is only so big so it's only a matter of time before you find your destination. Sadly, like everything you really want to find, it's usually in the last place you look.

Mercury is a co-op game at heart, though it can also be played solo. It uses unique player skills, hand management and tile placement to create randomized puzzles for players to solve. I think my favorite part is looking at a completed game and seeing the chaos you've created in the name of strategy.

- B