The Crunch Continues

Since my last post I've been hard at work getting games ready for this coming week. It's been pretty hot and heavy. My efforts have been split between Space Chase and Lords of Battlemore. Space Chase has been a lot of finishing work before I send it off for a nice prototype print. If that sounds tedious, it is. Lords of Battlemore on the other hand has been creating first draft designs which is a far more creative (and fun!) endeavor. Developing Lords has brought back up one of my biggest faults when I prototype - focusing too much time into the look of the design. I know I shouldn't fuss with it as much as I do, but I justify it due to how design often influences gameplay. I feel like good design, color usage and a gameplay cheat sheet can alleviate a lot of rules confusion. When people test my games for the first time I want them to focus on how the game feels and not the curves of learning a new game. Also, I like designing. So there.

Space Chase has already gone through the gauntlet in this regard, but still needs finishing touches. It's instruction manual (which is high on my love, hate and priority list) is getting a graphical overhaul. Luckily it's not a part of the prototype that's going to The Game Crafter, so it doesn't need to be finished this week.

The prototype test group meets this Thursday, so Lords will need to be complete by Wednesday. I'm pretty sure I'm ahead of the game (nudge nudge), but I know not to relax. Prototyping is a slippery slope.

- B

Game Crunch Crafter FIG

And I'm back... It's been a while and although I haven't been posting about it here, I have still been working on games and meeting with various testing groups. Actually, I've been working on games quite a lot and have much to show for it. Last time I posted I had just got back from Boston FIG (Festival of Indie Games). I was kicking myself a little for not submitting games for it. I vowed that next year I would have my games in submission shape and be ready to FIG. Well apparently that time is fast approaching since last year's submissions needed to be for June. Currently there is no official date, but I'm assuming it will be around the same time so I'll be game crunching the next few months to tighten up everything I have.

What games do I have these days you ask? Currently I'm Looking at 3 or 4 games with most of the design done, a half dozen prototypes of each and mostly complete instructions. I should be sending stuff of to The Game Crafter sometime this week for a few different games to start testing "final" prototypes.

Current prototype games include:

Space Chase (Mercury) M.E.G.A. 8 (Earth) Wicked Apples Lords of Battlemore

I still reserve the right to change any of these names, but I think it's good that I have something specific to refer to them by. I'll try to post some images and gameplay synopsis of each one this week.

- B