Scope Creep: Earth Edition

Hey kids! Who wants to talk about scope creep? You don't know what that is? I'm sure you do, but you've probably just called it something else. Simply put, it's a project that grows beyond it's initial plans; ambition's Kryptonite. I learned the term from some clever people who use clever terms like this to keep their clever projects running smoothly. I however am not that clever, and thus my scope hath crept.

Normally creep is a bad thing that kills time tables, steals candy from children and sometimes derails a project completely. Luckily Earth's scope creep is not altogether bad. I'm not altering any base mechanics. I'm simply adding more cards than I had planned for prototype version 2. Many of these cards were just waiting to be created, so I'm really just getting a little early balance testing in.

Good job me. You win again.

- B