Saving The Earth

Earth - the game - has been my focus for the past 2 days. Earth - the planet - is still spinning and in less need of my help. Don't worry, I'm still recycling. I've decided not to be a gentle surgeon and have begun lopping off any parts of the game that don't seem to be serving their intended purpose. Goodbye appendix, you will not be missed. Almost all of the cards and the main board have been edited in some way beyond cosmetic changes. I think this is the right way to proceed, seeing as it's still early in development, but it also means that balancing will probably still be off since I've made slight alterations to everything. All changes have been entered into a super sexy spreadsheet and I have updated about half the cards so far. I'm hoping to complete the rest of the changes over the next two nights and be printing again by Wednesday.

Over the next few days I think I'll be talking more about Mercury. That planet has it's shit together a little more and will probably be more interesting than this Earth mess.

- B